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Applique Class #1

The grrlz and I attended our first appliqué class this week.  The title is Izzy’s Choice and is offered at Quilt’s Etc in Sandy, Utah.

This is the example

The ladies were all wonderful!  They were very excited that we were starting so young. I’ve attached a few of my notes.

For the background: The best way to “cut out” your back ground is to tear it.  T was very afraid of doing this.  She was convinced that she would ruin the fabric.  We are going to be doing large squares  so with 40 inch fabric we will make 2 20 inch squares.  First tear one of the edges, then fold in half, then fold a corner down diagonally to make a square. Then you can tear again.

You can also use tearing to make a border.

For the design: You need to find the middle of design. Hold to light box so bottom and top meet and then crease paper. Then you do this again for the sides.  Fold fabric and finger press. You will then trace on back of fabric. We do this because you don’t want pencil lines to show.  Always use a mechanical pencil because it stays sharp.

For the appliqué pieces: Put right side of fabric facing light box. Goal is to make it flat. Pin from inside of pattern out so the pin heads don’t get in the way.  Appliqué is easier if cut piece is on the bias. Baste with running small stitch from one end to the other. Basting from the back. Make the biggest stitches on the back. You will be clipping from the back, which is why you want the large stitches on the back. Baste on the line where you will be sewing and then do larger basting where you will not be sewing (ends that get covered by other fabric). You will then cut out with a generous 1/8 inch allowance.

Assignment: pattern traced and three pieces done. Three stems and fabric for one leaf.

Size 8 needle to baste and appliqué with 10


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